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Tutorial – Rainbow screencaps

I’ve had a few messages asking how I did it. Basically, I found a screencap with those colours dominating (if it was outside with trees, then I’d just up the vibrance to make it more green), but if they didn’t have the colour I was looking for, I’d do this: 

Get just a neutral colouring like the one I’ve used on this Sherlock edit (you can find that at recreatemepsd as well).  This edit has a lot of blue/purple in it, but even if you wanted it to be red or green, it’s a possiblilty.

 Make a fill layer to what colour you’d like, under the colouring you’ve put on the picture, then you must take the opacity or fill down until you can see the image underneath, as I’ve done here:


 Then, take the eraser tool and erase (in the layer mask – so make sure it’s selected) the parts that you don’t want green/blue/red/whatever (faces and things like that).


And you’re done. But remember, always try and find a cap that is the right colour before you do this, because the natural ones look a lot better. Here are some examples of ‘natural’ colours that could be used.

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