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OH MY GOODNESS 15 000 followers

Oh dear, it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I released my 10k pack, but it was a while back, and I felt like this epic number required some love. My time is limited and I don’t have much time in my busy life to make a gazillion psds for a pack, so here I’ve included a few (that you may have seen before) that might help you become queen of your photoshop. One thing that’s a popular psd request is one to neutralise the TARDIS colours for picspams and such, so (the one with clara) does that. There’s also a couple for GIFs, one you’ve probably seen on a couple of my graphics, and one for photoshoots and another for press images.

The TEN TEXTURES are taken by me on my cameras (except one of them) and I’d prefer for them to NOT be redistributed, but I don’t need credit (unless asked) on your graphics. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy this pack, and thank you so so so much for getting me to this point in my takeover of the internet (jks, but seriously thank you all for following me). You’ve all stuck with me for my fandom changes and fangirl sessions, and you all have a place in my heart. Most of us don’t talk and this saddens me, so if you’re in the mood to talk, I’m constantly annoying people over on my twitter or you could go ahead and send me an ask. Thank you so much! 


you guys should like this post if downloading so i can stalk your blog and see your creations.

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